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14 Car Accessories You'll Actually Use

Listen. We all love gadgets. The things we want but don’t need. Don’t pretend you don’t eye them when you're in the line-up at Canadian Tire or Wal Mart. We see you looking at the things advertised on infomercials. You know. The fuzzy dice. The stick people bumper sticker. The Snuggie. But your better judgement (and awareness of Judge-y Judy’s) somehow always seems to talk you out of purchasing them.

Guess what, though. We’re here to tell you that you can say yes to gadgets and accessories. For your car. And only some things.

Here are 14 car accessories that you’ll actually use.

Survival Kit

Because safety.


Waterproof Floor Mats

Makes cleaning your car 10x easier.


Dash cam

For ease of mind, safety, and, if nothing else, hilarious opportunities to shame people on YouTube. Read up on why it’s becoming more of a necessity here.


Frost Guard

Because Winter is Coming and this frost guard will save you time and cold fingers from scraping ice off your windshield.



This invention creates a platform to help Rover into and out of the back of your car. Man’s best friend needs a little hand every now and again. Be a good friend.


Speaking of Rover…

Your friends may laugh and compare you to their weird aunts who cover furniture with plastic. But you’re likely smiling knowing your leather seats are protected.


Remote Starter

Not just for the 1% anymore. Especially for those colder parts of BC, this isn’t just a want. It’s a MUST.



Battery Pack

Essential for jumping your car. But also for charging your devices. Ah, 21st century technology.


Swiss Army rescue knife

Kitchen sink not included.


Photo Boxes

So all your car supplies and life necessities stays organized.


Air Compressor

Not a gimmick. Full on life saver for all your deflated tire needs.


Kitty Litter

Game changer for getting you unstuck from snow or icy conditions.


Roadside Kit

For breakdowns, meltdowns, and all the other downs. Poncho included.


Bag of Charcoal

Absorbing all your unpleasant car odors (and otherwise) since 2010.


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