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20 Things You Know All Too Well if You Don't Drive

They see me rollin’, they…oh, no wait. No.

Thinking of buying a car?

When you don’t drive, successfully adulting becomes a bit of a problem. So whether you’ve been thinking of buying a car, are in the process of buying one, or have closed the deal, congratulations on leveling up!

Wherever you are on the car buying spectrum, here are 20 sentiments you understand all too well when you are a non-driver in a driving world.

1. Getting from A to B is less like a magical ride on N64 Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road and more like an impossible task wrought with peril. 

2. Being single is a non-issue…

3. Until you swipe right, chat all night, realize you both love the same indie band, only to realize your date is more than 10 km away…

4. …and if you’ve somehow managed to land that first date and they’re asking you what kind of car you drive, you’re a pro at successfully changing the subject.

5. But at least you never EVER have to be the DD.

6. Except you never ever get to go anywhere cool because #nocar…

7. You need to strategize your excursions, sometimes even cancelling more plans than accepting because getting there and back proves to be a big pain in the butt.

8. On the plus side, you always get to be the DJ when they hand you the AUX cord…

9. Until they want Top 40 and you have to be cool cause it’s their car and you still have 5 more km to go.

10. You also have to deal with their crappy sports team bumper stickers.

11. And be in charge of directions…which means you’re really good at making snap decisions and understanding complex riddles.

12. But at least you never have to worry about this:

13. Public transportation is essential, and you’ll never knock it, but…

14. But at least you’re doing your part

15. I guess, think of all the money you’re saving!

16. But then it hits you that you’re really missing out…

17. Which means it’s definitely time to buy the car to move on up in the world and be an adult.

18. So until this technology becomes available…

19. You’ll be over here, watching your bank account grow while you browse the classifieds, dreaming about the car you’re going to buy with all the money you’re saving from not going out, ever.

20. K but really…

For realsies.

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