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4 Incredible BC Road Trips You Can’t Miss This Summer in

Summer is officially here, which means that, like Avril Lavigne’s music career, if you blink, you’ll miss it. To celebrate the arrival of longer, warmer days, we came up with the top 4 road trips to make in our beautiful province. All you need is a map, a good friend, your AUX cord, some kind of navigational bone, and an itch to explore.

Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park

Whether you watched Fern Gulley as a kid (or just last week – we won’t judge), this is a must for your go-see list. Located on Vancouver Island and just 25 km west of Qualicum Beach, this forest holds some of the most profoundly humbling trees in the province. With giant Douglas firs, some as old as 800 years (one tree is more than 9 metres in circumference), this is a great kick off to your road tripping. Serene, green, and setting the tone, you won’t regret a trip out to the island (though you never do, we think).

Crowsnest Pass

Rockies, lakes, star gazing, groundhogs, pop up fruit stands for days? This alternative route is often overlooked, but it’s one of our favourites with its quirky local charm and beautiful mountain passes. Located along Highway 3, this pass originates at Hope and east to Grand Forks, following the eastern edge of the Kootenays. It’s a breathtaking expanse of highway that loops through meandering cut banks, beautiful backdrops of Manning Park and the Cascade Mountains, and there is always a slew of charming locals at the road side pit stops. Fill your boots with local strawberries, get in on some town gossip, and don’t miss a bit of overnight stargazing at Mt. Assinboine – you won’t regret it.

Alaska Highway

If you find yourself way up north at this time of year – congratulations. Not only did you make it through a near 24-hour drive to the most northern, bug infested part of our province, but you get to see some of the most visually stunning scenery. The Alaska Highway is a beautiful stretch of BC that connects the territories and, you guessed it, Alaska to our province. It also boasts the most amazing corridor of wildlife, views, and mountains stretches that remain unbeknownst to the southern half of our province. Long days, northern lights, and rich in history (and also potholes: hello northern weather), it’s a trip that you won’t regret. Insider tip: pack the bug spray, don’t stop to take photos of the bison, and get used to seeing multiple RV’s (the Alaska Highway is a popular destination of retirees).

Kootenay Rockies

After you’ve partied in Kelowna until your liver and heart’s content, take a tour down Highway 97 and you’ll see what everyone’s been talking about when they mention a camping trip in the Kootenay’s. Places like Cherryville, Duncan, Edgewood, and Houston aren’t storybook villages we pulled out of thin air – these small towns come with impressive views and ten times the charm. A cable ferry (free) for travelers pulls itself across a 1 km lake, connecting you to you to natural hot springs, lakes, and hiking trails galore. Not to mention the amazing artistic community, farmer’s markets, and nonstop views that are guaranteed to drop your jaw and make you want to intagram.

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