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5 Things You Need to do to Get Your Car Ready For Winter

Winter. It’s coming. And we don’t need Ned Stark to tell us that. When you walk to your car in the morning and realize that you need a jacket just to get you there, it’s time to start thinking about layering and what to do to prepare your car for the winter season.

Snow Tires: Think Ahead

Waiting for the snow to land? That’s cute.

But chances are if you waited until the first snow to hit to put those tires on, you waited too long. Depending on where you live, snow usually comes sooner than expected. And since tires generally start to decline in performance around 7-10 degrees Celsius, it’s generally a good idea to consider taking them in for the change.

Top Up Your Fluids

Specifically, antifreeze. This is a must. When your antifreeze is mixed with water, it becomes a coolant, which works to lower the freezing point while simultaneously raising the boiling point of the mixture. Coolant protects your aluminum engine parts and keeps your engine from overheating and freezing. Go for a 50-50 mix of both. You won’t regret it.

Check Yo’ Self…and Yo’ Battery

Don’t wait until it’s 7 in the morning and you have to go to work to find out your battery is dead. Below-freezing temperatures and battery changing and/or charging is not fun. No one wants to go to that party. Batteries typically last 3-4 years, so if your’s is getting close to the 4-year mark, it’s past its prime. You’ll know for sure if it takes a few seconds for your car to turn over.

Winter Survival Kit

Because breakdowns can happen. And if they happen during a white out, accident, or middle of nowhere, you want to be prepared. Make sure that your kit has the necessities for your vehicle, such as windshield wiper fluid, ice scraper, booster cables, a flashlight, shovel, and a reflective vest. You’ll want to include items for yourself, in case you ever (knock on wood) are stranded. These include non-perishable food items and water, but also a blanket, gloves, toque, sweater, and scarves. You may want to consider adding a first aid kit, just in case, as well as matches and candles. Light reading, i.e. Archie and Jughead, also socially acceptable.

Windshield Wiper Maintenance

This is a must. A good pair of windshield wipers will get you through anything: rain, dust, snow, mud. Invest in a good pair to make sure you maintain good visibility during a heavy snowstorm. Old or worn out ones will only decrease your visibility and up your stress levels on, what we’re sure is already, a stressful trip (who likes driving in a snow storm?)

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