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Why Having a Dedicated Finance Agent Matters

When it comes to looking after you and your finances, we take our job seriously. Your budget isn’t a “starting point” to be driven higher by eager salespeople; your budget deserves to be respected at all costs in order to set you up for future success.

That’s why at BC Drive, we pair our clients with a dedicated finance agent right from the start. We do things differently than traditional car dealerships and begin the car-buying process by helping you set a budget first, instead of encouraging you to fall in love with a car that you can’t afford. Don’t get us wrong - it’s still our mission to make sure you drive away in a new vehicle that you absolutely love! But our BC Drive finance agents also make sure that your car loan fits within your current financial situation so that your monthly payments never get out of control.


So what else can your dedicated finance agent do for you? Here are just a few key reasons why having a BC Drive finance professional on your side matters!

1. We Work With Your Credit Score


There’s no sense making big promises only to let you down once we take a look at your credit history, which is why we typically begin the car-buying process by finding their credit scores first. That way, we can be transparent and realistic about the financing options available to you. We work with all types of credit scores, and our team is skilled at finding vehicle options and car loan solutions for our clients with good, low, and no credit.

2. We Have Access to a Large Network of Lenders

Unlike working with just one bank or dealership, BC Drive can access multiple lending options until we find the right financing option for you. This is an important part of what we do because many lenders have rigid requirements that must be met in order to receive an auto loan. Rather than being forced to throw in the towel, your dedicated finance professional will work hard to represent you to various lenders and shop around for the very best financing terms possible.

3. We Can Work Vehicle-First or Budget-First

Maybe you have a particular car, truck, or SUV in mind that you know would be the perfect fit for your lifestyle - your dedicated finance agent is here to turn your car-buying dreams into a reality! We can access inventory from dealers across BC, helping us secure the exact vehicles our clients are looking for. Not feeling swayed by any specific make or model? No problem! We’ll build your budget first, and present you with vehicle options that fit within it. At BC Drive, you’re always in the driver’s seat!


4. We’ll Work Around Your Budget

“Financial concerns” are still cited as the number one barrier to buying a new car. What if somebody could take away those concerns? At BC Drive, that’s exactly what your dedicated finance agent aims to do. We’re highly experienced with starting the car-buying journey from a budget-first approach, building out a plan that’s in line with your credit score and current monthly finances. It’s important to us that we create a realistic budget in order to best set up our customers for success. If your driving needs, finances, or credit score change, we can re-evaluate your situation and consider trading up for something new!

Meet Your Dedicated Finance Agent at BC Drive

Still not fully convinced? Reach out to us here at BC Drive, and we’ll show you why more drivers from Vancouver and all across Southern British Columbia trust BC Drive with their car-buying needs. Our team can manage the entire process remotely, which means you can shop for a vehicle, get approved for a loan, and purchase your new car all from the comfort of your own home. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect vehicle for your lifestyle and budget - start your application online or contact us today!




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