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How Not to Drive in Cold Weather


As we move into the crispy, chillier side of the calendar, there are some things to keep in mind when getting behind the wheel. Some are common sense things, some are reminders. But as we further make our way to shorter days and cooler temperatures, they are all good things to keep in mind, a what not to do of driving if you will. Tips and insights to keep you safe on the road during those less than ideal weather days.

Don't Drive Tired

Just don't, okay? This also goes for when the weather is bright and sunny, but driving while tired during cold and slippery conditions is just plain bad news and can be especially pertinent when the skies begin to darken and winds start to blow. Being alert and able to fully function on all cylinders is crucial for getting you from A to B safely.

Don't Neglect Your Car's Health

This should be a non-issue for all drivers, but in case you needed the nudge-nudge - get your car tuned up and checked up on consistently. Make sure your it's is in good working condition before you take it out for a spin. This means properly inflating all four tires, filling up the gas tank to at least half full when you leave the house every day, especially if driving in blustery or wintery conditions, and all the other important maintenance checklist items, such as checking your oil and scraping the front and rearview windows to optimize vision.

Self Explanatory, but...

Stay away from the cruise control option when the roads are icy and dangerous, or when driving on any type of slippery surface. Because common sense.

Watch the News

Pay attention to weather reports on the news or your phone if you’re taking a longer than usual trip, or new route. If the weather reported is less than ideal, it may be better to wait to make your trip, or plan an alternative route.  Notify emergency contacts if you’re traveling for long distances or periods in cold weather. If you’re making a trip, it’d also be a good idea to pack essentials and back-up items like extra food, water, blankets, a first aid kit, and medication. As always, don't rush! Take your time and slow down. It's better to arrive in one piece than not at all.

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