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7 Tips for an enjoyable Holiday-season road trip

Over the river and through the woods many of us will go this holiday season to visit family and friends. Why not make your time on the road as merry and stress-free as possible? Follow our 7 holiday road trip tips for a festive and safe journey!

1. Keep passengers content with old school games, with a festive twist.

With our modern-day busy schedules and obsession with electronics, it can be hard to find quality time to spend together as a family. Rather than dreading the drive, look at it as an opportunity to have fun together during the holiday season.

2. Map out your holiday road trip before leaving home.

It can be easy to think you can cover more ground than is reasonable in one day. Before departure, enter your destination into your vehicle’s GPS system to make sure the trip won’t take longer than expected. 

3. Give kids a holiday road trip kit.

For a little extra cheer, wrap up a bag of travel toys and crafts for children to unwrap as an early holiday gift. Include a pack of crayons and a coloring book or two. 

4. Pack plenty of healthy snacks…and a few holiday treats.

From our experience, food makes an excellent diversion during road trips. To save money and time, consider eating meals on the road. Plan stops for play instead of eating.

5. Stop often for merriment.

When roadtripping keep in mind that you may need to stop more for breaks. Taking a break from driving helps to avoid tunnel-vision and tired driving, too.

6. Stay safe on the road.

We highly recommend that everyone stays buckled up with seat belts and/or car seats throughout the journey. This is true no matter how long the road trip or how large the vehicle, even RVs. Bring along an extra cell phone charger so you are sure to have power in case of a flat tire or emergency. As a reminder, texting or alcohol plus driving absolutely never mix.

7. Play a holiday road trip soundtrack.

Get in the holiday spirit with some old fashioned family sing-a-longs to Christmas music.

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