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4 Tips to Avoid Driving Under the Influence

It's the weekend. You're blowing off steam. We all know how hard the week has been and you just want a couple of beers with some friends to let it all wash away. 

But what happens when one beer turns into 2, then 3, and maybe 4? At BC Drive, we want you to look after that beautiful car of yours, but more importantly, we want you to plan ahead and get home safe. For navigating the weekend's parties, pubs, and all your necessary festivities, here are some tips to make sure you get home safe and sound.


1. Designated Driver

If you are attending an event with friends, have someone be the designated driver. That is, someone who will not drink (or will stay under the alcohol limit) that evening. Planning in advance is helpful to ensuring that you have a safe way to get home.


2. Transit Alternatives

If you’re out and find yourself in a less than ideal frame-of-mind to be driving, and if your DD isn't so DD anymore, consider calling a cab or rideshare to get each member of your party posse home. Taking the bus or skytrain is also a good option, especially during the holidays when cabs are in peak swing. During this time, most cities will increase their operating hours in order to prevent people from drunk driving.


3. Know Your Limits

Only you know your limits. Try to keep pace with yourself throughout the evening, or limit yourself to one drink, so that you are in the right frame of mind to make good decisions about driving (or not to drive) later on. Paying attention to the number of drinks you have, the potency of the drinks, and how your body is reacting can help prevent you from making the poor choice to drive.


4. Leave The Car


If you've consciously made the decision that you're going to let go to the stresses of the week and have a night fueled with liquor, then that is your prerogative and we will cheers you to that. In that case, leave your vehicle at home. You could also hand your keys over to a friend and have them make sure you don’t take a drive while under the influence. 

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