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5 Add-ons You Should Get For Your Car

Additions for your car are a dime a dozen. Lucky for you, we've picked out our top favourites so you don't feel overwhelmed.

1. GPS Navigation

Consider having the GPS system installed when you purchase your new vehicle, rather than buying a separate portable one afterward. One huge advantage to having a built-in system is that it is integrated into the car, and you don’t have to worry about placing it one your dashboard or having it stolen. Modern GPS systems usually come equipped with voice activation features that make it extremely helpful for driving on unfamiliar roads.


2. Wheel Insurance

Another feature you may want to consider including during your car purchase is wheel protection. Your car encounters various road hazards such as debris, nails, broken glass, and potholes over the course of its lifetime. The upkeep and maintenance of a set of wheels can be costly, especially if there is damage and repairs need to be made. Wheel protection plans help protect from any possible damage incurred, with some plans offering up to a 5-year term for damaged wheels meeting specific criteria.


3. Spare Tires

Having a spare tire in case of an emergency is pretty key. A good add-on to opt for may be a full-size spare tire over the smaller sized ones usually reserved for short distances. This is a smart option to consider for those who regularly travel long distances, and would need a full-sized tire to get through the trip in the case of a flat.


4. Back-Up and Blind Spot Cameras

Back-up cameras activate when the driver shifts into reverse and allows them to have a better scope of what’s happening behind them. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, these gadgets can reduce the blind zone by about 90%. Some cameras are also specialized to detect blind spots and will warn drivers if an object is moving into their left or right blind spot. 


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