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20 Things We All Do When Driving

Driving can bring out the strangest of the strange in our society. But don’t lie. You’re guilty of doing and thinking some of these, too. From the rational to the irrational, we’ve all been there.

Here are 20 things every driver thinks about (whether they’d like to admit it or not) when they get behind the wheel.


1. The irrational, but very common thing, known as Windshield Wiper Anxiety.



2. Trying to look for the address.



3. Passing a Semi truck like:



4. This face.



5. Or this face.



6. Adulting is hard.



7. This paranoid moment.



8. The magical moment of hitting every green light on the way to work.



9. Making polite conversation about relevant subject matter.



10. When everyone has seen Final Destination.



11. When you're trying to be nice and let someone in, only someone else sneaks in, too.



12. Singing along to the radio like "Lol wow I am fabulous, I'm so talented why didn't I become a singer?"



13. When you all could have made it through that advance green, but no.



14. The rage you feel when someone cuts you off and you pull up beside them like "how dare you" but they're refusing to look your way.



15. This specific rage.



16. And this very real fear.



17. And also this puzzle.



18. When someone finally gets you.



19. The audacity of some people.



20. Don't worry, though. We are all but passengers ont he road to life.


No one really knows.


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