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Car Tech That's New and Cool for 2017

It can be hard to get lost behind all the shiny, cool gadgets and features of new cars. With today's new technology, cars are evolving faster than ever. With increased safety features, fuel economy, and better construction, there are endless updates and technologies that are constantly changing the game. Below, just a sample of what's to come for 2017.

Run-off Road Mitigation System

This innovation helps prevent the driver from veering off the road due to bad driving or bad weather. It interacts with the brakes to help steer the car back on the road. Ah, technology!


Portal Axles

This fancy-sounding new feature raises trucks above their usual height in order to enable more off-roading capabilities. Camping trip soon, anyone?


Perfect Seats

Taking inspiration from private jets and high-end office furniture, select car makers now give you a huge variety of seat control options to create the ideal sitting position. These include back support and headrest adjustments, reclining options, as well as heating, cooling, and massage capabilities. We'll take 5, please.


Key as Wristwatch

Innovative car makers have incorporated the car key into wrist-watches and mobile fitness devices, much like a FitBit. These sleekly designed devices have the electronic key built-in and are also waterproof.


Truck-Bed Audio Systems

Select pick-up trucks now come with weatherproof audio systems built into their truck bed, which operates when the car is parked or moving at a slow pace. 


Guidance Cameras

Some heavy-duty pick-up trucks have as many as seven video cameras placed around the vehicle for added safety and increased 360-degree visibility.


Entertainment Tablets

These portable in-vehicle entertainment systems can be taken out of the car and to the gym, office, or home. They feature Android capability and specific interfaces suited to the vehicle.


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